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**Video game characters/people who have the virus:*****The T-virus found in Mass Effect 2 takes on a personality of its own and is referred to as Omega-129, which implies it is an alternate form of T-virus. This was used in the Reaper and Omega-87 missions of the same game.***Grena from Bioshock**: In Bioshock 2, where the player is encouraged to kill her, it is unknown whether or not she is infected, but it's implied that she is infected. Another assassin she was sent to kill was found infected with the T-virus by herself.**The ghosts from Morpheus**: In the game, it is revealed that they were the spirits of T-virus victims before being mutated by the virus itself. They were kept underground in the Unification Church, and were supposed to be un-dead, living spirits, similar to the Nosferatu. Their immortality was the reason why they needed to be fed by the main protagonist (Morpheus), which made them weaker. When Vickers revealed that they are just living T-virus-infected bodies, and the T-virus feeds on them, her goal of ending the T-virus once and for all becomes clear. It is implied that it was through this connection that they were somehow able to find Morpheus.[[/folder]] '''Relic''' is a group of immortal beings that have existed on and off Earth since the dawn of life. They are shapeshifters that can take on animal forms. Each member of the group has a particular animal assigned to them. When they transform into their animal forms, they can take on different body characteristics and even have specific animal features such as claws. This is also the reason why it's implied that the species of the animal is the name of the animal. According to an A.D. Team member, they are sent by the "Chosen," a group of god-like beings who are the creators of humanity. The mission of the Relic is to keep the human race alive and to protect it from the corrupt. The group can be considered the spiritual counterparts of the Law of the jungle. Their beast instincts are fueled by the demonic T-virus that is the reason why some of them are born with animals features. '''A.D. Team''' is a group of immortal beings that are the creators of humanity. According to an A.D



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