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dry stone walling

Mo 6.7. - Sa 11.7.2020

Dry stone walls are an ancient craft. This construction technique was used to build houses and stables, to terrace slopes, to secure alpine paths and to separate gardens and pastures.


The buildings were built with locally available natural stones and without the help of mortar and continue to shape Switzerland's cultural landscape to this day. As typical landscape elements, dry stone walls offer diverse habitats for fauna and flora. A large number of reptiles, amphibians, insects and spiders as well as specialized plants find suitable structures to live in dry stone walls.


On the Alpe Soladino there are various retaining walls and free-standing dry walls which can be repaired or rebuilt. Different projects can be implemented depending on the number and needs of the participants.


In the beautiful surroundings of Alpe Soladino, you will get to know the art of dry stone walling from scratch. You will receive theoretical and practical tips on planning, materials and tools for the construction of dry stone walls.


If you are interested, the Alp experience also includes activities such as milking goats and making cheese, maintaining the cultural landscape and the garden, a hike to the beautiful Lago d’Alzasca and plenty of time for rest and leisure.


Max 10 people. Insurance against accidents is the responsibility of the participants.


During this work-intensive week, we will cook with fresh vegetables from the garden and conjure up regional dishes from Ticino. Whenever possible, we use organic ingredients from the region. Drinks are excl. and will be charged at the end of the course.


On the last evening of the course, anyone who wants to be a real Pizzaiolo once in a lifetime can make pizza out of the pizza oven.

Accommodation & costs

So that you feel comfortable on the Alpe Soladino and can also retreat, we offer the following accommodation options:

Casa Edita  👉🏼 House with mattresses, own kitchen, toilet / shower opposite from the house, with terrace

CHF 490.-

booked up

Casa Toni  👉🏼 one double and one single Bed, toilet /shower opposite from the house

CHF 540.-


Casa Angela   👉🏼 one double, two single Bed, toilet, shower seperately, with terrace

CHF 550.-


Casa Sophie  👉🏼 two double beds, toilet / shower in the house, with terrace

CHF 565.-

contatta ora


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