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Arete - Alpen Camp

13. Juli bis 16. Juli 2023

Recharge & Relax Fully charge your energy tanks, strengthen body, mind and relax! We practice hatha yoga and elements of yoga therapy and shiatsu, i.e. a holistic approach, flow in, raise and expand our awareness, breathe and let us breathe, pranayama and meditation, be fully in the here and now.


In short: it's going to be beautiful!


Hiking in the mountains, the vastness, the healthy air, vegetarian food - in addition to the daily yoga and meditation and pranayama practice, ensures an all-round well-being.


All levels are welcome. Previous knowledge is not necessary.


During this mountain yoga retreat you will have the opportunity to practice a variety of hatha yoga approaches, pranayama and yoga nidra (deep relaxation while lying down) meditation, which has an extremely relaxing and regenerating effect.


Max. 10 people so that personal needs can be met.


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